Take advantage of our professional services to keep your business ahead in these uncertain economic times.

Unlike many of our competitors, we charge a flat rate.  It does't matter if it takes us one letter and one week to collect or multiple phone calls and several months, you still pay the same rate.  In addition, ABM will even attempt to collect your accounts when other agencies have failed to collect

"Stop writing off all your losses."

How to get started:

1.  Return a signed copy of the Mutual Agreement form.  Please contact us if a Mutual Agreement has not been obtained yet and we will send you one.

2.  Fax, email, or mail as much information as possible on your delinquent accounts to ABM.  Include applications, invoices, NSF checks, the last transaction date, past/current addresses, home/work/cell numbers, employer information, social security, date of birth, and any references or information on relatives.  Please send copies of all forms, never originals.

The Process:

You send us your forms with no up-front cost to you.  ABM will:
1.  Use our specialized software to locate your customers.
2.  Send the debtor a full collecion letter series.
3.  Make professional collection calls.

When to send us your accounts:

Send ABM your delinquent accounts when a customer:
1.  Does not pay per your agreement.
2.  Does not respond to your letters/invoices.
3.  Gives you a non-sufficient check (NSF)
4.  Puts a stop payment on a check.
5.  Moves and you receive returned mail.
6.  Denies any responsibilty for the debt.

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