The sooner you place your delinquent accounts with ABM, the greater chance we can get your money back.
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Allocated Business Management, LLC is a professional collection agency that is licensed, bonded, and insured.  We collect all types of debt from any type of business, including:

Health Care

The ABM management staff averages over 15 years of collection experience.  Save unnecessary payroll expense and let ABM's experienced and professional staff handle your collection needs.

We know that unpaid debt is a burden to your business, and we think it should be easy and affordable for you to recover your funds.  Therefore, ABM never charges any upfront costs, and you only pay us if we collect.

A.B.M. charges no attorney fees.
A.B.M. charges no upfront fees.
A.B.M. charges no retainer fees.
A.B.M. charges no court costs.
A.B.M. has no litigation fees.
A.B.M. has no suit costs or fees.
A.B.M. won't scare debtors into running away from process servers. 
A.B.M. won't scare debtors into running away from court summons. 
A.B.M. won't scare debtors into hiding after a judgment is obtained. 
A.B.M. won't scare debtors into quiting their job after wage garnishment starts. 
A.B.M. only earns its fees when they collect your money and are successful. 

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